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from home to her school bus stop. >>> the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle lee will be sentenced tomorrow. the sentence will require her to spend a minimum of 25 years in prison after an alameda county jury convicted her of first-degree murder. that was in october. the nursing student went missing in may of last year and then her body was found in a remote canyon. prosecutors say esteban killed her in a rage over esteban's ex-boyfriend. >> coming up, new developments in egypt. the changes the embattled president says he will make, but will it be enough to ease tensions? and people in south africa are worried about the health of former president nelson mandela a day after he is hospitalized. we will have the >>> san bernardino police are investigating the fatal shooting of a student by police. the officers were called to an off-campus dormatory about a disturbance. investigators say they confronted a male student in the dorm hallway and that he put up a fight. police say they shot him when they feared for their own safety. one officer was checked at
families. this is one of the spots where you can drop off items, union square in san francisco, beautiful tree there. we have a spot picked out for kristen and cheryl jennings. >> gorgeous, you can see it is not raining there now. live doppler tracking the storm hitting the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen will be back to tell us what to >>> good morning. a chilly, damp start. live doppler you can see we have showers around the bay the cold front hung up in the south bay colder air ushering in behind the system is bringing the light showers from the north bay into tiburon and richmond off the coast of the peninsula. further south wet weather from san jose to los gatos. if you are traveling no delays yet.arttv look at the eastern seaboard, the southeast from atlanta to northern florida looking kind of wet. you can see the front pushing through the rest of the bay. expect a few delays, give yourself extra time. it is going to be a chilly couple of days. >>> not going to stop the fun as we welcome folks to join us for our share your holiday food drive. >> it is in its 21st year. >> amy hol
of a labor impasse/a. union workers are having a disagreement with hms host the company that runs concessions at the airport union says the company wants employees to pay lw insurance increases takÄp unpaid meal breaks and freeze wages for the rest of the contract. union workers plan to rally from noon to 6:00 this evening outside the airport terminals. >>> north korea says it has continue -- detain add american citizen after he confessed to unspecified crimes. they say he's from washington state and he is known as kenneth bay, a 44-year-old tour operator of korean descent. officials say the crimes were proven through evidence. media reports say he was taken into custody after entering the country in early november as part of a tour. >>> we are waiting new commentsqto>é from house speaker z cliff talks he's expected to speak in a little more than 10 minutes from now. thúká(>i- >>> good morning. they are worried about going over the fiscal cliff into a recession. yórñ house republican leaders postponed vote on legislation that would raise taxes on households earning more th
the san ramon valley and dublin. also hayward and union city, down through castro valley, 280. redwood city. as you head further south from sunnyvale down through cupertino, some very light rain showers. this will be the order of the day. the on and off light rain showers. santa cruz mountains, los gatos. into the afternoon light rain to just dry skies until later on. and that's when the last very strong system comes our way with heavy rain, gusty winds and the potential for flooding. katie. >> thank you, lisa. >> flood warnings are in effect for sonoma county as the water levels in several rivers and creeks continue to rise. we are live in petaluma where willowbrook creek is a good example. k. he ra. >> katie, two days ago willowbrook creek was completely empty. yesterday it filled almost to its limit. it's happening all over sonoma county. rivers and creeks filling either to their limits or unfortunately in some cases over their limits. one man tells us he watched the banks of the russian river rise to 17 feet yesterday. he was packing his belongings. this morning he's planning to
don't have to pay union dues when working in a union shop. >>> more about the medical condition keeping former president mandela hospitalize. he is you ever something from a recovering lung infection and is responding to treatment. he has been in the hospital since saturday it >>> americans are drinking less milk. milk consumption down 30% since 1975 one dairy trade group is calling the drop a crisis and says it is not.9y sustainable. the reason clouds -- includes the growing popularity of -- [ unintelligible ] >>> proud san sis cans will not be happy to -- san franciscans will not be happy to learn that boston is the top city with sf second, seattle, vancouver and new york. san francisco stands out in environmental leadership around ialship edged -- and entrepreneurialship edged out by boston. >> continuing to follow breaking news car guess over cliff. >>> thousands -- thousands of dead squid washing ashore on a bay area beach. >>> new developments in the deadly jenni rivera crash. the reason the pilot and plane are the focus of the investigation. >>> live look at bay bridge to
news. >>> united airlines are getting a new union contract that brings them closer to finalizing the merger with continental. pilots will get big raises averaging 43.2 percent including larger retirement contributions. the pilots association says it was improved 69 percent of the united and continental who voted. they have a major concession expanding the use of larger jets for regional flights. they old 70 seats or more. thousands of bay area union nurses hold a one-day strike on christmas eve starting the morning of december 24th. the california nurse's association says the strike effects 7 bay area hospitals operated better health and two more san jose hospitals affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. this would be the 8th strike buy cna since september last year. it has junior leaders and hospital managers remain at odds over staffing levels health benefits and other contract issues. >>> oakland wants to build a new job center but says the plan to pay for it is a sell out for the community. that is because the money would come from revenues generated by a new bil
the weekend, how they could calm students today. what they will say. teachers' union here in san francisco sent out an e-mail with a guide to help them steer the conversations. president of the union says -- >> school should be a safe place. it should be a place of refuge in addition to be a place of learning. when a school is violated like this, it goes to heart of all us educators. >> reporter: california emergency management agency offers steps. some of those include your school's emergency action plan, also know your school's alert system for parents and create or review your family's action plan. if you are familiar with plans, today is good day to start asking questions, there will be a lot of questions today. >>> stay with us for continuing coverage of the connecticut school tragedy. "good morning america" is devoting two hours to the tragedy. george stephanopolous, josh elliot will be live. coverage starts at 7:00. >> we are keeping track of light rain in the bay area right now. traffic and weather together. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can see rain is
. you can see pulling away from hayward and union city towards dublin and sanol and pulling froóío<ç fremont across mission boulevard, one shower and then another one near hillcrest boulevardaexlv towards millbrae, burlingame and you can see now the whole san pablo bay area starting from hercules and heading towardsmutp novato it s quiet now, the showers are still moving to the south and east more up to the north. finally, san jose you are going to get wet weather along the dumbarton bridge towarding 237 is where your next shower is only a matter of moments before it gets there. santa rosa 39°, rest of us in the mid to upper 40s, 50 half moon bay. monterey bay and inland low to mid 40s, monterey 50. today light to moderate showers all day. brief break tomorrow, one day, light rain friday better chance of wet weather saturday. warm front yesterday long duration rain, cold front comes in more showery in nature, stronger, burst of heavier rain now on the back side of this low, counterclockwise flow wrapping around moisture bringing it off the ocean making it unstable the low is th
and union city and the south bay. this will all continue to increase throughout the day. the first half of the day looking much, much different than the second half. carolyn. >> lisa, you are the key person this morning. thank you so much. big concern in the north bay is flooding, especially along creeks and rivers. abc7 news reporter kera clapper is live in napa where they are watching that river rise inch by inch. >> yes. inch by inch, carolyn, especially as the rain continues to fall. i've come to the realization this is my lot in life, to be put in situations where the rain is blowing horizontally at me all morning long. the wind is whipping through napa. we have a look at the river this morning whereas carolyn mentioned, flooding is a concern. it was expected that the river would surpass it's flood level about noon today. now that's changed. estimates go anywhere from 1:00 p.m. to between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. estimates are the water could rise and reach 25 to 27 feet. elsewhere here in napa you can see downtown. it is just soaked. the whole city is soaking wet. wind again a big
of sunshine with union city come in at 62, as well as antioch, and about 61 in concord with mid-60s for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer each day. fog overnight and in the early morning hours. slightly cooler on tuesday and a chance of showers, slight chance on wednesday. we're dry, though, thursday and friday. really we go from unextreme to another. >> sure do. wednesday, the day of the food drive but that's okay because we can be indoor inside the food banks and people can swing by with their donations, there will be all kinds of ways. it will not detour us. >> no, no way. >> thank you, lisa. coming up, the festival of lights begins. where you can se >> welcome back, everybody. take a look at the winning numbers from last night's megadrawing. nobody correctly picked all six numbers so tuesday night's jackpot is estimated to be $27 million. >> holiday lights take center stage in san carlos. take a look at this beautiful celebration. a snowfall captured the crowd's attention as the festivities got underway at laura and cherry streets last night. the crowd was
have no suspect and no motive. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle le is scheduled for sentencing today. laws require giselle esteban to spend a minimum of 25 years after a jury convicted her of first degree murder in october. prosecutors say esteban killed le in a jealous rage. >>> sheriff's dive team and coast guard hope conditions today will allow them to resume searching waters off mare island for a missing worker. he was last seen saturday on a tugboat next to a ship that he and a friend were restoring. throughouts believe the retired mechanical engineer fell overboard. his friend found his truck all loaded up and ready to leave. a lit in the tugboat was still on the door was open. >>> the driver's license belonging to jenni rivera has been recovered from the crash site where her plane went down over the weekend. this video shows rivera's california driver's license it appears to be partially melted. the 43-year-old singer was best known for -- six others were onboard, no one survived, leave a comment on faceb
to go they need your help we are on geary off union square, come in, do not let us block you here comes some toys now, excellent news we want to see more of this, very nice of you, 15,000 is what they are hoping, two more right there every little bit helps come down to lefty o'doul's all day the mayor will be here, [ inaudible ] you don't even have to park, they will make it easy, if you can give they hope you will come down to lefty o'doul's today. amy hollyfield, news that naught. >>> if you with would like to help out, donate at lefty o'doul's next to union square, gear and powell, volunteers will be collecting toys until one tomorrow morning, you don't have to get out of your car. >>> how are gun buyers and sellers dealing with the prospects of stricter gun control laws? >> [ unintelligible ] len is live from the new york stock exchange. >>> good morning. if you -- if you happened to see the hobbit this weekend, not alone the first of the three movies, was the top grossing film in the u.s. and canada for a second weekend over 36 million dollars in sales. speaking of sales, let's tal
stoneridge mall light to moderate rain now that streps towards north of union city 880 to toe road light to moderate rain, cross over dumbarton bridge north of bay road towards redwood city, jefferson avenue heavier rain, belmont, san mateo, burlingame, all wet, light in the south bay. heaviest rain moving through now and will be moving through until 8:00 then rain in the south bay until noon, scattered showers for the rest of us, towards the forecast, dry tomorrow through tuesday. >>> live shot of san rafael, camera facing in the northbound direction 101 out of novato past lucas valley road in the marin ymca on the right traffic busy but moving light rain we had the he rain this morning fog up and over the waldo grade one of the heavier commutes 80 westbound from highway 4 right now still have activity on the shoulder before university with earlier accident blocking a lane there you can look at about an hour drive from the carquinez into the macarthur maze. south 1 he would 1 before cesar chavez "sig alert" lifted -- slow off of the bay bridge in san francisco, bumper-to-bumper eastboun
and fires in under ground vaults in the city including one in union square that sent a manhole cover into the air and injuring a passerby. they fired employees who claimed to have inspected equipment when they actually had none zblot a judge received a public admonishment stemming from comments he gave. derek johnson got himself in hot water i'm not a gynecologist but i can tell you something, if someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down. when he send the iq boyfriend back in 2008, prosecutors wanted a 16 year sentence. >>> you've got take a look at this story. a woman in new england says police use add taser gun to keeper from keep her by buying too many iphones. she suffered several injuries after a confrontation with police. it shows lee on the ground. she had a bought two iphones from that story. the trouble started when she returned to the store after buying two more online. the store claims they had a stay away order against lee and she videotaped other people they were buying more than their limit of two. wow! >> your kids going well in school may no
his seven titles decemberç;óú 6th, when te international cycling union banned him from theu;xí sport fr life. penalties came after the anti-doping agency hit him with similar sanctions for using banned substances he did not appeal and it appears he won't challenge this latest ban either. >>> still ahead, five things to know before you go. 60 seconds. >>> you are looking live at mount tam,kv)-l beautiful sky, n starting to come up those are clouds but not the kind that are going to drop rain todayo)oz it is your break so enjoy itu:b >>> here areg/s34ç five things o know before you go: number one, breaking news, police on the scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting in walnut creek. officers responding to a 911 call shot and9mm killed a man this morning at an apartment complex on creek side drive near south main. dz'm$nother news conference scheduled for later this morning. two, pg&e crews pinched)]-9v off gas leak in'áíÑ brentwood a short time ago several homes evacuated last night. crews expect to spend the day repairing the damaged line. >> number three, postal sñ stealing m
and a sense of reassurance. >> it is totally wrong. because like they are killing little kids. >> in union city the school district will have the first ever active shooter drill next march. officials are keenly aware of how this tragedy might affect younger students. >> with younger children it's a fire drill like earthquake drill like maneuver where you are reassuring your children and moving the children around. >> district psychologists were coaching faculty members on how to spot signs of distress in kids and how to respond when they come back next week. >> let them know every once in a while this kind of thing does happen but it rarely happens and there are adults there that they can go to when they are feeling afraid. >> in san francisco it was gut check time. school officials were reexamining safety plans that have been in place since the columbine massacre. since then police say the tactics have changed. >> we take immediate action. we know lives are at stake and if there's an mediacy our officers are told to gather and engage. >> i am allen wong, abc 7 news. >>> president obama is
this year. the union has been in contentious contract negotiations for 18 months. sutter health says the strike was shrewdly calculated to cost extra because they have to pay fill-in nurses for the entire week for one day. >>> we havertpÑ new video showig firefighters putting out flames on a us airways jet late last night at sky harbor international airport in phoenix. fire officials say a small fire erupted in the rear of the plane. crews sprayed theb foam, it is believed that the auxillary power unit which supplies electricity to the plane overheated. no passengers were on the plane. >>> southwest airlines downplaying it, passengers tell us something happened on a flight phoenix to oakland, fire crews and paramedics responded to the airport for a potential hydraulic failure onboard flight 1033. a flight attendant announced they should be grateful for the pilot's skill in landing but didn't say why. no word from southwest. >>> netflix is still down this morning after the video streaming service was mit by a christmas eve outage. the los gatos company apologized in a tweet last nigh
here, across 280 some very heavy rain. we are look at more rain right around union city, fremont. this will continue to press to the east with much more to come. the gusty winds up to 20 miles an hour in oakland with the lighter rain around parts of walnut creek. look at south gate road and walnut creek, more moderate rain. and look at the heave rain from santa rosa. this all continues to press south and eastward throughout the day area. right on through the rest of the morning hours. 50 san jose. good morning, san francisco. heavier wind getting underway. a wind advisory until 1:00. clearing throughout later afternoon and tonight giving us a dry christmas eve. wind advisory until 1:00 in the north bay, san francisco 3:00. 20 to 30 miles an hour winds and the gusts could be over 50 miles an hour. so this storm system counsel to push along the central coast and a few isolated thunderstorms are not out of the question. here's the timing for the rest of the morning. 6:00 we have the yellows appear. and through 8:00, 9:00 it begins to sink south through san francisco, the heart of th
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